Gruda Hair: An Emerging Business In The Hair Industry

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Gruda Hair is a hair business with an ultimate goal to supply 100% natural hair extensions around the world. Gruda Hair has a desire to build a perfect beauty for all women and help clients successfully start their hair business by providing top-notch hair extensions.


In the modern world, when living conditions are better and beauty perceptions are unpredictable as well as diverse, both women and men have a great concern towards their physical appearance. Gradually, they have a high awareness of looks, confidence, and fashion. They get ready to spend a large amount of money beautifying themselves, because they prioritize quality and comfort. 


Beauty industry, which affects people’s health and appearance, is highly competitive in modern society due to profits and great concern from the public. 

The post, today, will talk about hair business, particularly a Vietnam hair company, known as Gruda Hair. These days, the hair business is developing in an unprecedented way. Realizing that fact, there are a number of brands growing up in this field. Among those, Gruda Hair is a familiar name, a reliable partner and friend with many clients in the world. The writing will discover why Gruda Hair can gain such a stable position over the years regardless of the fluctuating market.


The first reason is Gruda Hair invariably focuses on quality of supplied goods. Its commitment is to “Never sell bad products to ruin clients’ hair companies and lower their image”. Over the years of development, Gruda Hair always complies with its initial promise and Gruda Hair Review is best  Vietnamese hair factory. Hair extensions are produced from hair collected from Vietnamese women living in mountainous regions. Moreover, during the process of manufacture, unlike other nations such as China, Vietnamese hairs do not undergo any chemical treatment. Therefore, hairs are extremely versatile, durable, strong and bouncy. Gruda Hair not only provides the best-quality hair extensions but also the affordable price. In other words, high-quality products come with a reasonable cost. Gruda Hair always keeps this quote in mind: “Quality is King: Customers prefer Quality over Price.” Gruda Hair’s happiness, pride as well as achievement is that it can provide hair extensions which can live up to clients’ expectations and make them happy, confident whey they use Gruda Hair’s products. These days, there is a higher chance that people are exposing themselves to several hair-based diseases such as: alopecia, bald, scalp disorder and so on. Consequently, they have a huge demand on using hair extensions. Having a deep insight into clients’ desire and pain point, this company is making an enormous effort to satisfy and take care of customers. 


The second reason is to prioritize customer service. The happier customers are with your brand, the longer you stay with them. Gruda Hair never thinks or acts with the belief that everything is done when it sells the products and the customer pays you. In the current age, customers have a wide range of selections. Besides, people have a tendency to consider hair as a precious asset. As a result, when they buy hair products, their buying journey is so complicated, containing many internal and external factors. Gruda Hair better understands and recognizes this fact, therefore, this company always prioritizes customer service in its operation and focuses on customer experience. 

To keep and maintain a good and intimate relationship with customers, Gruda Hair has a specific plan or strategy to take care of its customers; for example; promotion, discount, gifts, voucher and other intangible meaningful gifts. Moreover, Gruda Hair also focuses on developing and building several social media sites to immediately and easily check up information or feedback from customers. In order to build huge trust and belief, this hair company has a plan to make video calls with customers as much as possible to check styles, qualities. By working with an enthusiastic and friendly attitude, Gruda Hair has countless loyal customers all over the world. In terms of sales staff, this company takes care of them better as well as has a specific, fair bonus and salary. Apart from the better establishment for customer service, Gruda Hair also offers better benefits, payment and emotional care for its employers. 

To minimize the unpleasant situations between Gruda Hair and clients, it always assists them in choosing hair types, hair styles that can well fit their face and preferences. 

The third factor is related to payment and shipping methods. Gruda Hair’s market is on a global scale. It has a number of customers from many nations such as Nigeria, Germany, the US-UK, France, Namibia, Italy, Southern Africa and so on. Therefore, Gruda Hair hair supplier widely offers a variety of payment methods to facilitate clients’ purchasing procedures, particularly Western Union – a popular choice for people who want to send money quickly. This system serves more than 200 nations. Apart from Western Union, Remitly is also a common choice. Sending money to  the seller’s bank account or Paypa is also OK. If customers do not have much experience and find it convenient to transfer USD to your supplier, Gruda Hair can offer a reliable agent in Nigeria. Gruda Hair is available all the time to help them at every stage. Regarding the shipment process, because human hair is a special and sensitive product, customers from foreign nations may encounter some unexpected situations at the airport (for instance, the airport staff may cancel the parcel at the airport). As a consequence, it is sensible for Gruda Hair to list its orders as synthetic hairs so that its client would have no trouble in receiving hair. Yeah, a smart approach to avoid the terrible situation. 

Last but not least, to have a stable rank and customers’ trust as today, it is a mistake when not considering the both positive and negative feedbacks, reviews from clients, employees as well as the support and greetings of many experts working in this hair field. The working principles of Gruda Hair is to equally guarantee the rights of staff. Their payment is paid according to performance and effort. Creating a fair environment with a common long-term goals helps grow Gruda Hair sustainably and maximizes benefits for supplying the first-rate hair products. 


In conclusion, there are 4 elements significantly contributing to the success of Gruda Hair. They are world-class hair products, optimal customer service, diverse shipping methods and objective evaluations for many sides.  To date, Gruda Hair distributors takes pride in itself because it is a trustworthy partner and friend of countless clients and hair business owners in the world. Specifically, it becomes a reliable supplier to over 3000 wholesale and retail hair customers all over the world. 

More details about Gruda Hair

Established in 2008, Gruda Hair is one of the leading manufacturers of raw weft and hair extensions in Vietnam. It is one the the first hair companies created, Gruda Hair has major experience and a high level of expertise in the hair industry. Top quality products at competitive price and customer services are CORE VALUES of Gruda Hair. For the past 12 years, It has established a worldwide business network with the participation of many countries and continents such as the USA, Nigeria, France, Germany, UK, etc, which is undeniable proof for our reputation and position in the hair market. Gruda Hair is founded with the goal of giving all ladies an absolutely natural look, confidence, and a sense of satisfaction. Gruda Hair’s mission is to provide consumers with a fantastic experience in having a natural look while also assisting others in starting their own hair business. Gruda Hair wants to create a bright future for all of its clients.


To get more detailed information of Gruda Hair, readers can visit its website: 

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