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Gruda Hair is a hair factory in Vietnam – the best Vietnamese hair factory. It has supplied and distributed 100% natural hair extensions all over the world. Gruda Hair’s purpose is to give customers a terrific natural hair experience while also aiding others in launching their own hair business. Gruda Hair wants to ensure that all of its customers have a bright future when using its hair products.  Gruda Hair’s aspiration is to become a reliable hair distributor on the international scale and gain a huge reputation and trust from a large number of clients from many different continents. 

In the current age, Gruda Hair has exceeded many hair factories to become one of the most trustworthy hair suppliers for thousands of clients from various nations in the world. After every progress, it is marked with enormous dedication and commitment to working industriously. And it is also true with Gruda Hair. In the beauty industry, there are many factors contributing to building a successful company. Apart from diligence and perseverance, there are different reasons. With Gruda Hair, it is impossible to list all the elements that make Gruda Hair become a top Vietnamese hair factory in one post like this. This post, today, will unveil three primary factors that help explain why Gruda Hair can obtain a high reputation and position.


Undeniably, the first factor that plays an important role deciding the success of every company, let alone Gruda Hair, is top-notch quality of products. Specifically, in the hair extension industry, it is the source of hair. Gruda Hair obtains its hair from Vietnamese women who reside in mountainous locations in the north of the country. They are Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Lang Son, and a few other provinces where Vietnamese women have a custom of growing their hair in order to make a purchase to feed their families. Their hair is so silky, bouncy, and strong in such areas since those girls do not utilize any chemical compounds on their hair. When using or importing hair extensions from Gruda Hair, clients always feel secure. Because of first-rate quality in hairs, Gruda Hair receives innumerable positive feedback and reviews from previous customers. From this, this company can build trust and increase its awareness on the both national and international scale. Another interesting thing when it comes to the hair source that Gruda Hair collects is that hair is collected from women living in mountainous locations, ranging in age from 16 to over 30, and is then sorted out before entering the production process. Clearly, the hair originates from a limited number of sources and donors, ensuring a decent state. Furthermore, Gruda Hair does not mass-produce hair extensions, allowing employers to properly regulate hair products. The reason for this is that keeping hair in stock for an extended period of time is not a good idea because the texture and color quality of the hair can suffer. As a result, for each order, this company prepares 100 percent new Vietnamese human hair extensions to ensure that the hair is in ideal condition: silky, smooth, and soft. Unlike other hair manufacturers that mass-produce hair extensions to sell, Gruda Hair manufactures a limited amount of hair that is suited for each order from clients, ensuring that hair is always in great condition. As a result, Gruda Hair hair products are consistently successful in meeting clients’ requirements and expectations.


The second factor tremendously contributing to the success of Gruda Hair is positive and studious attitudes in every situation. To get remarkable achievements these days, it is undeniable that Gruda hair has had to go through ups and downs. During that experience, this company always keeps studious and optimistic attitudes because it realizes that failures and mistakes are essential for a successful business. They are the most beneficial lessons. And there is a quote saying that “Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” Over the years of development, Gruda Hair learns from its mistakes and corrects them to grow itself as today – become the best Vietnamese hair extensions. Apart from that, this company also takes advantage of weaknesses from its competitors to develop. It is really a sensible strategy in business. 


Another contributor to the great reputation of Gruda Hair is that it is always open-minded to receive the feedback and review from clients. To begin with, there are many times in its growth, this company has been under criticism from customers. Encountering these situations, Gruda Hair always admits its mistake first and apologizes to its customers. Then, Gruda Hair surely fixes products into a perfect state or compensate for customers. This company believes that sometimes, negative feedback from clients is really beneficial for it to reflect on itself regarding customer service, hair quality and operation. For those clients like that, another order after this time, they can gain promotions, discounts, gifts as a sincere apology from Gruda Hair. For positive reviews, it considers them as an enormous motivation and compliment to keep spirit and continue to make an effort. It is “Attitude is better than skill”.


Last but not least, offering diverse and flexible payment and shipment is another remarkable factor that helps Gruda Hair gain the best Vietnamese hair factory. When profoundly discovering customers, Gruda Hair knows that its customers can come from many nations in different continents. And every nation has a different currency. Therefore, to facilitate clients in their buying journey, this company tries to offer as many ways to make a transaction as possible. Gruda Hair also supports its clients in the payment process by allowing them to choose a payment unit and method. 

Regarding payment, Western Union, Bank Transfer, and Remitly are the major money transfer agencies in Vietnam to pay for Gruda Hair. Moreover, when customers of Gruda Hair are also mainly from Nigeria,  Naira agent is the most commonly used payment method in Nigeria. Another method is that clients can make a successful payment by sending their money through Paypal or directly sending money to the seller’s bank account. Actually, this company is always available to help its customers at every stage. 

Considering shipment, this hair supplier can introduce or even offer clients trustworthy shipping agents, costing less money. Apart from that, Gruda Hair also ships hair extensions for its customers through UPS and DHL. Selecting the right hair factory is critical. In actuality, because human hair is a unique and delicate product, sometimes, customers may experience issues or have their shipment canceled at the airport. To prevent this unpleasant circumstance, Gruda Hair will list orders as synthetic hairs, ensuring that they receive its hair without delay.


In conclusion, to operate a successful business, there are many necessary factors. For Gruda Hair, there are 4 primary elements applied to make it have a prestigious position in the hair industry. They are: first-rate source of hair, good attitudes, open-mindedness to customers’ reviews and feedback, and easy-to-use shipment and payment. 


More details about Gruda Hair: 

Founded in 2008, Gruda Hair is hugely famous for a manufacturer and supplier of raw weft and hair extensions in Vietnam. Gruda Hair is a hair company whose ultimate goal is to provide 100% natural hair extensions all over the world. It is one of the most reliable hair firms having profound knowledge and skill in the hair market. Over the years, loyal customers of Gruda Hair are from many nations in the world,  including the United States, Nigeria, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, which is indisputable confirmation of its reputation and position in the hair industry.


To get more detailed information of Gruda Hair, readers can visit its website: 

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